Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sonic Smoothies

Sonic Commercial - Drivin me Bananas

We love Sonic's happy hour specials, half off of all their drinks and Sonic Smoothies.  They may not drive me bananas but they are hard to pass up when your kids are calling out from the back seat as you pass a Sonic Drive-In and it is between 2 and 4 PM.  They have some amazing prices for their real fruit smoothies, especially if you are comparing it with the other real fruit smoothie options of Starbucks or GNC.  Most stores charge at least $3 for their real fruit smoothies.  But Sonic smoothies are only $1.99 for their largest smoothies, even the real fruit smoothies.  So if you go during the Happy Hour time it is only $1 (plus tax) for your favorite real fruit Sonic smoothies.

Customer Service Still Exists

So I have to tell you my story from this afternoon.  My daughter and son have autism and I had taken them to the next town over from us for their weekly occupational therapy sessions.  My daughter has been doing odd jobs for her older siblings and earning a couple bucks here and there.  When she finished her therapy session she begged me to take her to get a smoothie with her own money--who can say no to that?  Of course, that means I will have to spring for a smoothie for her brother as well, can't do one without the other.  But it was only 3:30 and Sonic smoothies were only about 10 minutes from there with traffic.  Unfortunately it was all left turns and school had just gotten out, but we did make it there in time.  My son knows just what he wants, he's the creature of habit--Powerade Smoothie.  Awesome, simple, just the way I like it.  Now the next major hurdle is getting my daughter to decide what she wants.  No, you don't understand what that is like.  Trust me, it's the worst back and forth ever, usually.  But this time was different.  She looked at the picture and said, "Which one has the cherry on top?  That's the one I want."  GREAT!  She sees the nice decorative picture of the Sonic smoothies and the front one has a cherry and two lemon slices on top.  I commenced to try to teach her the important lesson that they just put the cherry on that one to make it pretty for the picture, and they probably don't have any cherries to put on top.

How Can I Help You?

That is the next thing I heard after I pushed the button.  "Well," I started, "My daughter really wants the real fruit smoothie that has the cherry on top just like the picture so which one is that?"

"Um, that is the Cherry Smoothie but it doesn't really come with a cherry on top, ma'am."

"Uh, she REALLY wants it with a cherry on top like the picture if that is at all possible (with great pleading in my voice)."

"Well, I could put a cherry on top and just charge you extra for the cherry."

"That's perfect."

So we are so excited that we are going to get the Sonic smoothies just like we ordered.  They didn't even charge us extra for the cherry!

They Even Gave Me Lemons!

So we get all settled into the seat belt and back on the road again, and all of the sudden my daughter exclaims in sheer joy, as only she can, "They gave me lemons, too.  Two of them.........Three of them!!!"

She not only got the cherry on top, which she had eaten immediately and LOVED, but after eating half of her Sonic smoothies she opened it and discovered the lemons as well.  She is one of those crazy palettes who loves to chew on lemons!  I have to say that I now love Sonic smoothies especially at Happy hour and the Sonic Drive-In in Easley, SC on Highway 123, you deserve an award for making an autistic girl and her mommy very excited.